Hanau … the market square and Wolfgang’s bakery

Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm

Hanau: the birthplace of Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, the famous brothers who recorded the fairy tales from around the land during the early-to-mid 1800s.

Here, the bustling market square proudly showcases the bronze statue of Jacob and Wilhelm, set in front of the city’s Rathaus (no, it’s not a giant house for mice, silly, it’s the German word for “Town Hall”).  And any fan of Sabine will remember that the Hanau Rathaus just happens to be the setting for her “double cover” during her younger days as an expert on all things Grimm-related!

Notice anything unusual about the Rathaus windows?  The building has been turned into an Advent calendar for Christmas!  You can just pick out hints of Christmas trees and stalls selling their wares below the glowing lights, but the real thing is far more magical.

Hanau Marktplatz

It is here that Libby and Ginny rode their bicycle, searching for Wolfgang’s Bakery, just off the square.  Click on the market picture below to learn more about Hanau (you might notice that we have chosen a far healthier illustration for your viewing pleasure than what Ginny was indulging in that day!).

And if you are anything like Libby’s grandfather Klaus, you’ll want to learn all about the Fairy Tale Road, which just happens to start here, at the Grimm brothers’ statue!  Click on their image for a neat interactive map, but be careful: it’ll have you saving up for your Germany adventure before you even know what hit you!





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