Rodenbach … and the witch in the woods

Village of Rodenbach

The quaint village of Rodenbach is nestled just south of the River Kinzig and borders vast national woods that straddle state boundaries between Hessen and Bavaria.

St. Wolfgang Abbey Ruins

Within these woods, bicycle paths wind off in every direction between trees, and hidden amongst them, lies the ancient ruins of St. Wolfgang’s Abbey, the setting for Sabine’s cottage!

A picture of the abbey ruins during the fall can be seen here.  Do you spot the little stone hut behind the tower?

Rodenbach Woods Trail

Libby took a path a lot like this one to find her way to Hanau.  Maybe she even had to stop for a frog crossing!


And while her grandmother’s house lay somewhere between the ruins of the abbey and Hanau, we aren’t exactly sure just where it might have been….

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