Gelnhausen … the town near Ginny’s point of arrival

Gelnhausen View from St. Peter's Church

We can never know for certain, of course, but it is believed that the hills just outside of Gelnhausen — another cobblestone, medieval town dripping with fairy tale charm — is the approximate site where Sal landed his Flying Tiger.

It would be near here, on the crest of the Kinzig River, that the unfortunate Ginny toppled into the winter rapids.

Gelnhausen Festival

Ginny probably never even got to see the town (she was too busy hiding from the police in the gypsy’s tent), but if she had, it would look just like this!

Gelnhausen is an enchanting town, nestled between the Vogelsburg and Spessart mountains, and is the capital of the Main-Kinzig-Kreis (which means the area where the Main and Kinzig rivers cross).  So it’s fitting that Sal landed his plane here!  On his way out, he might have flown over the landmark St. Peter’s Church, shown in the picture up top.

If you want to learn more about Gelnhausen (and can understand a little German), hit this photo for a link!

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