Steinau … childhood home of the Grimm brothers and gateway to the Devil’s Cave

Brothers Grimm Childhood Home in Steinau

The pretty town of Steinau on der Strausse hosts the famed childhood home of Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, now a museum for fans of their work. Here are pictures of their house, where they lived from around 1791 to 1796. No wonder they were obsessed with fairy tales: even their home looks like it came out of one!

Grimm House Back View, Steinau

And any reader of Libby’s also knows about the Devils Cave (“Teufelshöhle”), lurking in the woods near the Spessart Mountains, just two miles north of town. The Teufelshohle really does exist, although your chances of finding Zelna’s hallowed ground for the Solstice of Aramaar are exceedingly slim.

Here’s a helpful link about the town and the cave itself ( just click on one of the pictures), but beware: the cave’s legend holds that a devil does indeed live inside, and many who have entered never emerge again….


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