Rothenburg ob der Tauber … where Libby’s parents eloped

Christmas Market, Rothenburg ob der Tauber  entrance way

Rothenburg ob der Tauber is located in the State of Bavaria, not Hessen.  In fact, Libby never even visits it, but this is where her parents got married, and it’s such a fantastic place that it would be a disservice not to mention!

Rothenburg also happens to have a great Christmas market if you are ever in the area (that’s when this picture was taken — see the falling snow reflecting light?).

And if you do make it here, you’ll see exactly why Libby’s parents chose Rothenburg as their place to elope.  It is so romantic and oozing with charm that you might start believing you’ve been sucked into a time-warp, with all the best of that medieval glow mixed with delicious modern things.

It’s not for nothing that Rothenburg is on another one of Germany’s famous tour roads:  The Romantic Road, and not just that, but Rothenburg is also touted as the best preserved medieval town in all of Germany.  Now that’s saying something!

Fun fact:  Rothenburg might be romantic, but if you find yourself inside of its Criminal Museum , you’ll discover a rather sinister past.  It was dangerous business being a musician back in the middle ages — if you couldn’t carry a tune very well, you might be stuck with the Flute of Shame!  And Wolfgang had better watch out, too: for bakers who made their bread too little or too light, there’s a cage where they’d be dunked under the fountain’s waters until they were out of breath!


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