Frankfurt … where Sal McCool attracts way too much attention

Downtown Frankfurt

Modern, frenetic Frankfurt combines the financial capital of Germany with historic, old-world charm. It also happens to be where Sal plowed his Flying Tiger through the sky-scraping metropolis.  No wonder he had two jets chasing after him!

If he hadn’t been so busy admiring all of the buildings (which have earned Frankfurt the title of “Mainhattan”, because it is so modern, like New York, and it’s on the River Main!), he might have been able to reach Hanau with a lot less fuss, and Ginny could’ve avoided a rather turbulent ride down river rapids.

Main River, Sachenhausen side of Frankfurt

On the map, you can see the Main River curling along beside the metropolis, connecting Frankfurt to Hanau and beyond, but a picture of the river itself is even better!

The above picture is taken downtown in the below picture is from Frankfurt’s historic center, the Romer Platz.

Frankfurt Romer Platz


Frankfurt Fun Facts:  Frankfurt am Main is Germany’s financial center, hosts Germany’s most important international airport and is the site of the world’s largest book fair!   And we couldn’t touch on Frankfurt without mentioning its most famous writer: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, who, among other accomplishments, penned the fantastic Faust.

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