How Libby Came to Be

One wintry morning, during a walk from the nearby village back to my own, I followed a path that traced along the woods.  It was a dreary kind of morning, and since it was Sunday, not many passers-by were seen.

And as I strolled beneath the trees, thinking of whatever whimsy struck me in that solitude, the mischief of those woods did a funny thing to me.  Suddenly, I was no longer walking along a snow-drifted trail on a glum day back to the village of Rodenbach, where I was living at the time.   Instead, I found myself transported to the world of fairy tales — the same tales I had read over and over as a girl — and I was now passing through enchanted forests, where witches lurked in the shadows and young children skipped their way across fallen leaves, not knowing the fate that awaited them.  It was an easy thing to do, in those woods by Rodenbach, because under the murmuring trees, it seemed only natural to believe that bewitched beings, invisible captors and ill-fated, breadcrumb-dropping journeys were as real as the slushy mud on my shoes.

Happily, I made it back to Rodenbach in one piece, but it got me thinking about a girl named Liberty Frye.  What if she suddenly found herself in the midst of such woods, faced with the unsettling knowledge that all of those tales she used to read, were actually real.  What if she discovered another reason why the Grimm brothers took such pains to travel the far reaches of Germany in the early 1800’s, painstakingly interviewing anyone who would tell those ancient tales that had only been uttered in whispers?  What if their anthologies were actually documenting an existing world of magic, something too shocking to ever speak of clearly, and so they were scrubbed up, retouched and retold as riddles and children’s stories and now, all of those hidden, dark secrets suddenly came to life?

What if this unfortunate Liberty Frye had to contend with that — and find her way back home before she found herself in a cauldron?

Well, it was a fun idea for me, and as it turns out, a rather exciting (but probably a lot less fun) adventure for our heroine.   Libby may be safely back home now, but we thought it would be fun to post some information on those gruesome Grimm brothers, links to their stories, and more.

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