The Gruesome Grimm Brothers

Fasching Mask, Black Forest

We already know that lots of the stories Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm collected were far more disturbing in earlier additions, but what if they had never truly been decoded?  Only Libby’s vintage, Grimm brothers’ book will ever know, but at least we’ve got some English versions that aren’t quite as squeaky clean.

Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm published their first collection of 86 tales back in 1812!  They traveled all around Germany, speaking to people who told them stories that had never before been written down.   We just love this map of the fairy tale road (click on the map logo on the top right of the page), that marks the Grimm brothers’ journey in life, from their birthplace in Hanau to towns like Bremen, the site of the Bremen Town Musicians!   And for those who just can’t get enough of the Grimm brothers’ world, we’ve linked to a few sites where you can learn more about those gruesome Grimm brothers and the stories they collected.

Project Gutenberg has a great collection of free Brothers Grimm tales.  You can find it by following the link here!

National Geographic features twelve Grimm tales from a 1912 translation!

This website presents a whopping 210 Grimm fairy tales in English or six other languages, although the date of each tale’s edition is not noted.


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