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“Kids will enjoy the Hessen witch world and Libby’s place in it. The characters are edgy and often funny. The Hessen world, past and present, is enticing and curiosities abound. The writing drew me in then the plotting and characters grabbed me. If you like witches, magic, strange happenings, and the cautious spilling of secrets, you will love Liberty Frye and the Witches of Hessen.” © by SMorris @ Kid Lit Reviews

LitPick Five-Star Review:

“I loved this book from start to finish. I would recommend it to students ages 11 and up, though it has characteristics that would be appealing to readers of all ages. It would also be enjoyed by people who liked The Series of Unfortunate Events, as this book is similar in some ways.”

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The Children’s Book Review:

“An excellent tale, told with real artistry that is sure to captivate all of its readers!”

Readers’ Favorite Five Star Review! Reviewed by Carol Thompson for Reader’s Favorite:

“[The Preface Warning at the beginning of this book] should also include, ‘Don’t read this book when you have anything else to do, such as feeding kids, feeding yourself, using the bathroom, or any task that requires the book to be put down for even a moment … The author takes the reader from small-town USA to Germany, with plenty of action and well-written prose. When first beginning this book, it came off as perhaps a Harry Potter knock-off, but in reading further, it is anything but. I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys YA fantasy.  This book is the best I’ve reviewed.  An amazing story.”

Honorable Mention Commentary from Judge, Writer’s Digest Self-Published e-Book Awards:

“This, the first (I’m sure) of the Liberty Frye novels, does a great job of showing how to work in a specific genre while also expanding and enriching it. To rattle off aspects of the plot, the building blocks of this novel, would severely limit what’s to come as we have a child (a girl) finding its way (through mysterious circumstances) into a world that is much richer & more vivid that previously realized. It’s a coming of age story masquerading as a fantasy novel. But what’s most interesting here is that despite a set-up we feel we might have read before, everything feels new. The writing is clipped & tight; very descriptive when it needs to be but working fully to propel the narrative forward. The characters are quirky & real enough that the reader invests real emotion in the struggles. Additionally, the magic as presented here is developed & plausible. We’re not asked to grasp an entirely new system, or something without underpinnings. Here, the fantasy aspects are based on traditional fairy tales & lore, but presented in a way that makes them fresh & realistic as opposed to dusty & outdated. This is a very enjoyable book.”

Book Room Reviews:  “When you finish this book ( and yes to finish it you need to start it so I suggest you do just that) and look back at the mystical,magical not to mention whirlwind adventure two ten year old girls just went through H-o-l-y M-a-c-a-r-o-n-i . Yep I think that just about sums it up.”

Enchanted Scroll: “There were so many twists and turns, that this is not a predictable book. Normally, you can “see” a twist before you even read about it. But not this, it kept me …  wanting to read more!”

“Hilariously funny and full of genuinely enjoyable and well crafted characters….” Beth Townsend, Plastic Rosaries

“This book would be a great one to sit down with your child and read together.  It is as fun and adventurous as other stories like James and the Giant Peach or The Indian in the Cupboard…”


“It is a very fun story and I hope that this turns into a series because this is a really great book….” Erik,

“I loved it, couldn’t put it down! I liked the innocence of the main character Libby.  It is a very original story, fast paced and exciting….” Dawn,NoteWorthyReleasesBooks

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