Ronneburg Castle … the setting for Libby’s prison tower

View from Ronneburg Castle Tower

Ronneburg Inner Courtyard

Soaring above the verdant fields and tangled  forests of the Mainz-Kinzig-Kreis, towers Ronneburg, a 13th-century castle that inspired the setting for Libby’s imprisonment.  Here, one can see Libby’s view from her window in the prison tower (albeit in a very different season!).

When Libby escaped after accidentally (well, sort of …) battering Emil with that potato, she would have had to run down 143 steps to reach the courtyard.  No wonder she was hungry by the time she made it to the bottom!

The picture to your right shows the courtyard where Libby would have found herself before wandering toward the kitchen.

Ronneburg Castle Kitchen Nook

Castle Kitchen Nook

And once she was there, she just might have found this little nook with a window to the world outside, had she not been unfortunate enough to stumble across Zelna’s cauldron!

Castle Armory Room

One room she definitely never got to see was this armory room, but  we thought we’d show it here just for fun.  Ronneburg Castle has lots of interesting displays and activities, including a great Easter Market if you are ever in the area.  If you want to learn more about Ronneburg Castle, just click on the peacock:

Herr Peacock



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